“God always shows you the avenue to go down!”

Growing up, Winfred saw little of his parents, but he had a lot to forgive. “My mom left me on my aunt’s doorstep,” he tells us. “She was in prison for murder for most of my life. My only memory of my father is when he put my feet in scalding water when I was five.”             

Although his aunt did the best she could, Winfred began drinking when he was only 11 and turned to marijuana two years later. “It numbed me from my troubles,” he explains.

Decades later, trying to put his painful past behind him, Winfred left his native Atlanta for a fresh start in Seattle. However, his addiction was out of control and he ended up with nowhere to go. “I lived in a small, wet tent,” he recalls. “It was horrible.”

Winfred heard about Bread of Life Mission, where he joined our LifeChange Recovery Program and found the peace he had sought for so many years. “I turned everything over to Christ and I try to live a Christian life,” he says.

Being a Christian changed Winfred’s attitude toward the parents who had abandoned him. “My mom was clean when she died and I was so proud of her,” Winfred says. As for the father he hasn’t seen since being abused so many years before, he says, “I have forgiven him to have peace.”

Today, sober and hopeful, Winfred is working at QFC Grocery Chain. In the long run he plans to resume his long-time career in the restaurant business. “I’ve worked at many different restaurants and I’m really good at southern cooking!” In the meantime, Winfred trusts that God has plans for him. “The good thing about working for God, He always shows you the avenue to go down!”