Willie Parish


Dear friends,

For more than 78 years, Bread of Life Mission has been blessed to be able to serve Seattle’s most destitute individuals – men, and women – many of whom are stuck in the cycle of chronic homelessness and addictions.  Homeless individuals who enter our doors in the historic Pioneer Square realize quickly that this is a place of rest and peace, a home where they are treated with dignity and individualized care as best we can provide.   It is more than our duty; it is a privilege to be able to provide emergency day and overnight services, a Christ-centered addictions recovery program, and chapel fellowship to our guests and long-term residents.

Julie, Willie, Renata and Leonard

Julie, Willie, Renata and Leonard

This Mission was founded on Christian principles and bonded by community, one that is comprised of loyal and spirited volunteers, donors, and partners.  Scores of churches from the Greater Seattle Area, as well as other organizations and local companies, have supported us throughout the years.   We are looking to grow the number of relationships and services provided but always maintain our integrity. 

God’s direction has unfolded in beautiful ways at this Mission, even in challenging times of transition that have created opportunities to do things better – more effectively, efficiently, and innovatively.   We have grown to over 25,000 supporters today, and each one has some God-given gift, talent, or expertise to lend.   We invite you to contribute and continue discerning God’s plan for how you might be of service to others. 

Brokenness can become a gateway to new life – something I firmly believe because of my real, lived experiences.  During my young adulthood, I struggled with alcohol and drug addictions, sold drugs, and even spent eighteen months in the Ohio State Reformatory.   I was broken and humbled immensely.   In those memorable eighteen months of brokenness, my prison job in the Chaplain’s Office allowed me to heal and propelled me into Christian ministry – and I never turned back.   I myself know and believe that transformation is possible, even for the most broken who walk into our Mission.

Will you please join with us in this great work reaching hearts and changing lives in Seattle?  Partnerships abound – pray for us, donate, or volunteer.  Once more, a big welcome and thank you!

In His service,

Willie Parish, Jr.