A Story of Transformation

Scott came to us in November of 2013. I could tell you his story, but he tells it much better in his own words:

“November 19th is when I came into the LifeChange Program.  I was confused, didn’t know where my life was going…crazy.  My life was out of control when I interviewed for a chance to change from the monster I had become…I would drink and drug my sorrows.  I had not taken self-inventory of who, what, when, and why I put myself through that.  As I started the process, I began to come out of the person I let other people try to control.  But more than anything, I didn’t love myself. 

Two months into the program, I started to see why I was not farther along in my life than I should have been.  It was my own selfish ways that put my attention on the wrong things, but I realized that someone or something had to change – that person was me.  I made up in my mind to do things in a more positive manner to give me the boost that I needed.  The Mission gave me the opportunity to talk about my past, present, and future.  Doing so gave me a fresh start for growth and development, to obtain a new way of life, to set myself apart from the past mental problems.  Before you can go forward, you have to correct your past mistakes.”  

Scott graduated from our LifeChange recovery program December 5, 2014.  We're so proud of him and all the work that God is continuing to do in his life!

Thank you for your continued support, and for sharing your blessings with those in need.