Every $1.92 you give to Bread of Life will multiply 3 times in impact to provide a meal to someone who is hurting. Because of generous corporate partners almost all of our food is donated, so your gift will go further!  

As I’m sure you have heard, Seattle’s homeless population is experiencing unprecedented growth.  According to a King County survey done this past January, the number of people now considered homeless has increased 22% in just one year.

For I was hungry, and you gave me food: I was thirsty, and you gave me drink: I was a stranger, and you took me in. – Matthew 25:35

If you met Mike today, you might never know how far and how fast his life fell to pieces. Or how much your generosity helped put it back together. Because of your caring gift to Bread of Life Mission, Mike is rebuilding his life.

Let me share his story.

    Mike - LifeChange Program Graduate, August 18th 2015


Mike - LifeChange Program Graduate, August 18th 2015

Mike is from Orlando. At twenty-eight, he had a good job, a home and family. And then he lost his mother to illness. That’s when it started; drinking, drugs. He thought he needed them to cope with his loss. And then came a second blow, a note his Mom had left for him with his aunt. She had asked her to give it to Mike after she passed.

The news was devastating. The man he called “Dad”, who he believed to be his father, wasn’t. It left Mike hurt and confused. He slipped deeper into addiction as he tried to escape the loss of his mother, complicated by a lie. A sense of betrayal compounded his confusion.

Drugs and alcohol began to control his life and he paid the price. He had lost his family. He lost his job. Then he lost his home.

Fortunately, he sought help for his problems through a mission in Orlando. And then something extraordinary happened. He felt called to come to Seattle. So he did. And once here, he found us.

At Bread of Life, Mike found the support, faith and encouragement he needed to move beyond addiction. On August 18th, 2015 he graduated from our LifeChange recovery program. Clean, sober, healthy  and ready to support himself and give back.  Mike recently completed his food-handling certificate so he has the ability to find work and earn a living.

That’s how powerful your gift can be. You  can help redeem the life of a man who had lost everything. 

Please give today. There are people at our door today seeking food, shelter and a new life. We won’t turn them away, but we need your help to restore their dignity and give them hope.