Daily Meal Services Volunteer

Serving hot meals to our guests is a very rewarding way to support our homeless community.

PREP COOK: Cook meals for people facing homelessness.

MEAL SERVICES: Help serve lunch or dinner.

GROUP VOLUNTEERING: Have your group come to volunteer monthly at the Mission.


Office Support Volunteer

Our development department has a variety of admin opportunities such as helping with mailings and data management.


Clothing Area Volunteers

6,700 articles of clothing are distributed to our guests every year.  We have both men's and women's clothing that we give distribute. With your help we would love to give away even more clothing. Currently we have two opportunities for volunteers to work with our donated clothing program:

Donated Clothing Distribution Supervisor - You are interacting with our guests and helping them find clothes that are right for them.  

Donated Clothing Assistant - Help organize the distribution rooms.  Track the inventory so we know when we are low on certain types of clothes.

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What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas than to give your time and energy to those who need help the most!

Thanksgiving and Christmas Meal Servers

Christmas Gift Wrappers

Donation Drives