Thank you for blessing me with shelter and meals!

Alan is grateful.

Alan is grateful.

A meal at Bread of Life Mission costs so little to prepare and serve, but it gives so much to people like Alan, especially during the holidays. 

When Alan came to Seattle last fall, he had no family, no job, no home. But thanks to you, Bread of Life gave this Army veteran three meals a day and a home while he looked for work.

Alan also celebrated the holidays with his Bread of Life family. “They have the tables all set up and decorated,” he recalls. “But the food, oh, my goodness! They have big hams, turkeys, macaroni and cheese, and you can eat as much as you want.”

A generous online gift from you today will make the holiday special for so many more hurting men and women by providing meals and the hope of Christ.

As one of our good friends, you know that when people have hope, they can take the first steps toward overcoming addiction, unemployment and homelessness.

Now working as a bus driver, Alan says, “If it weren't for Bread of Life, I wouldn’t be the person I am now, and that’s for real! It’s truly a blessing.”

It’s amazing how your support can bless people like Allan and help them transform their lives. Thank you for caring!