I Thank Bread of Life for their help!

Theresa outside the Mission

Theresa outside the Mission

There are more than 12,000 people experiencing homelessness in King County, and nearly half are are women. At Bread of Life Mission’s Day Shelter, women like Theresa find emergency services that help them survive day to day, as well as referrals to agencies that can set them on the path to stable, independent lives. 

For 20 years, Theresa had enjoyed a life much like yours or mine. A single mother, she worked to support herself and her daughter while she pursued her education. Then she lost her job and the foundation of her life began to crumble beneath her. After struggling for several months in the Bay area of California, some friends invited her to try making a new life in Seattle.

Once in Seattle, Theresa says, “I got split up from my friends.” Without a social support network, she began camping out and visiting various local shelters for assistance.

Bread of Life’s Day Shelter offered Theresa breakfast and a hot lunch every day. “I come and eat,” she says gratefully, “and on Tuesdays, they give away women’s clothes. I try to exercise and stay clean.” Theresa is also looking for work, “speaking to people, seeing the locations where people need help." 

The Day Shelter also offers women like Theresa access to computers, to watch TV, Metro bus passes, mail service and lockers.

“I thank Bread of Life for their numerous offerings,” Theresa says. And we thank you for your many gifts and prayers to the Mission.

Renata Hasle