You Help a Lot of People Like Myself.

Roger is ready for his new life. Thank you.

Roger is ready for his new life. Thank you.

When Roger came to Bread of Life Mission last fall, he had retired from years of truck driving and many other jobs, but not from a lifetime of drug addiction. “I just got tired of doing drugs,” Roger admits. “I wanted to change my life.”

Roger got right into our LifeChange Recovery Program. Today, free of addiction, he plans to come out of retirement and work as a bus driver. In the meantime, when guests come to Bread of Life for a hot meal, as so many will this Thanksgiving, Roger will be here to greet them and offer encouragement. 

Our Holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up, and your gift to Bread of Life Mission today will give hope and help to many hurting people who are not with their families and loved ones.

“It's a good thing you're doing,” Roger tells you. “You help a lot of people like myself with food, clothes and encouragement.”

I would have to say the encouragement is the key to changing lives. It certainly was for Roger. “My attitude changed a lot. I'm more at peace with myself,” he says.

Thank you for giving Roger the chance to renew his relationship with Christ and change his life! Please offer that chance to more men with a gift to Bread of Life Mission today.


A Trip Cut Short Gave Larry a New Life

Larry is grateful for your support.

Larry is grateful for your support.

Larry was on route from Florida to Alaska to work on the pipeline, when he made an unplanned stop in Seattle that profoundly changed his life.

“I had a heart attack on the bus,” he recalls. Larry recovered, but had to use the last of his money to pay the hospital for his care – and his plans to continue on to Alaska were shelved. “I had no more money and no family,” Larry says. “The hospital gave me a list of missions and I came to Bread of Life.”

After taking some time to get his strength back, Larry joined our Resident Volunteer Program. With 35 years of experience as a chef, it was only natural that he should put his talents to use in our kitchen. Fortunately, he was just in time for Thanksgiving!

Larry was used to cooking for crowds of men on the oil rigs where he worked, but creating menus for the Mission was a little more challenging. “I was used to ordering $25,000 worth of groceries a week and I had everything I needed to cook with. Here, I had to adapt to what's donated.”

Larry’s story is far from over. He still plans to finish his journey to Alaska, probably after the holidays or whenever his doctor gives him the go-ahead to travel. In the meantime, guests at Bread of Life will enjoy some excellent cooking as their own stories unfold. 

Thank you for blessing me with shelter and meals!

Alan is grateful.

Alan is grateful.

A meal at Bread of Life Mission costs so little to prepare and serve, but it gives so much to people like Alan, especially during the holidays. 

When Alan came to Seattle last fall, he had no family, no job, no home. But thanks to you, Bread of Life gave this Army veteran three meals a day and a home while he looked for work.

Alan also celebrated the holidays with his Bread of Life family. “They have the tables all set up and decorated,” he recalls. “But the food, oh, my goodness! They have big hams, turkeys, macaroni and cheese, and you can eat as much as you want.”

A generous online gift from you today will make the holiday special for so many more hurting men and women by providing meals and the hope of Christ.

As one of our good friends, you know that when people have hope, they can take the first steps toward overcoming addiction, unemployment and homelessness.

Now working as a bus driver, Alan says, “If it weren't for Bread of Life, I wouldn’t be the person I am now, and that’s for real! It’s truly a blessing.”

It’s amazing how your support can bless people like Allan and help them transform their lives. Thank you for caring!