LifeChange: Meet Gilbert


Gilbert was a lonely little boy. “My father wasn’t in my life, and my mother had to work all the time to put food on the table and pay the rent,” he says. “I was alone a lot and I’d sink into depression. I felt empty, abandoned and lost.” 

When he was 16, Gilbert began numbing those feelings with drugs and alcohol. “I just wanted to be happy,” he says. “And when I was partying, there were lots of people around so I wasn’t alone.” 

But as his addiction escalated over the years, it cost him jobs and his marriage, leaving him alone once again. “For 10 years, I was homeless off and on, bouncing from city to city, trying to get on my feet,” he says. “But every time I’d get clean and find a job and a place to live, I’d start drinking again.” 

Then, one day, he realized what was missing in his recovery. “I needed to connect with God through people who believe in the teachings of Christ,” he says.

It was then he entered our LifeChange Recovery Program and, through chapel services, Bible studies and Christian counseling, surrendered his life to the Lord. “Now I’m following Christ and the depression is gone,” he says. 

Gilbert works at our front desk, sharing his newfound joy with the men who walk through our doors. “I’m able to greet them with love and kindness,” he says. 

He plans to graduate from the program and, after earning a degree, go into ministry, helping those who struggle with addiction as he once did. “I have a purpose now, and I’m optimistic about the future,” he says. 

Because of your generosity, Gilbert’s once lonely heart has been filled with thanksgiving... and God’s love. “I was broken, hurting and afraid, but since coming to the Mission, I’m joyful, peaceful and thankful. Now I can be a light in the world.” 

Your compassion brings hope. People’s lives are forever changed because of donors and supporters like you.