Renata Marie Hasle

Development Director

Charity sees the need, not the cause
— unknown

Renata, Leonard, Salih, John and Mike

Renata, Leonard, Salih, John and Mike

Renata leads development and communications at Bread of Life Mission. It is the anticipation of change for the better that inspires her to connect people in need with people who can help. She believes that successful partnerships are powered by community, generosity and gratitude.

She begins her workday with a visit to the Bread of Life Mission kitchen to get hot water for her tea and to chat with the people in Bread of Life Mission’s two programs, LifeChange and Resident Volunteer.

Every day Renata hears stories about hopes and dreams for new beginnings. She is inspired by the resolutions to do better; overcoming addiction, rejoining family, finding employment, completing a degree or "simply getting life back into order."

Her early career was marketing management of leading consumer brands in highly competitive markets. While serving as a trustee, Renata discovered that her true passion was non-profit development. After 13 years leading board fundraising as Development Chair and Board Chair in education and social services, she made non-profit development her career in 2012. Renata has a BSc. in Economics from Copenhagen Business School.

Please join our generous community and help Bread of Life Mission to help expand our reach and services and change the lives of the people who come to us to seek help.