LifeChange Program

LifeChange is a 12-month Christian discipleship program designed to lead men to a refreshing Christ-centered life, free from drug and alcohol addictions. This program is available to any man (18+ years of age) at no financial cost. The first eight months of the program focus on recovery during which you are required to attend classes, group and individual counseling sessions, Bible study, and daily devotions/chapel. During the last four months – the transitional phase – you'll focus on recovery while simultaneously searching for employment and housing. There is a work therapy aspect of the program in which you will be expected to contribute several hours daily to Mission house duties.

The LifeChange Recovery Program utilizes a body-mind-spirit recovery model. The program uses The Genesis Process materials and additional books: Journey into Building Better Relationships; Journey into Overcoming; Journey into Discipleship; Journey into Christlikeness; and Journey into Faith that Works.

In The LifeChange Recovery Program our men receive:


Each man in the program is assigned a shared room with a brand new bed (a blessing from funds raised at our annual banquet). This dormitory-style system of sharing a room with another program member offers several benefits, a few of which are accountability and fellowship.


During each phase of the program, there are regular group gatherings in which the men get together to fellowship and support one another on their journey towards recovery. They work, worship, and commune together to encourage healing and growth.

Biblical Instruction

Each program member has certain coursework that must be completed. These requirements include such things as their daily Bible reading, assigned Christian studies, Biblical memory verses, and group studies.

Interested in joining the LifeChange Recovery Program?

Please note that our office hours to enroll in LifeChange are Tuesdays 9:30am - 12pm. If you are invited into the program, be prepared to begin immediately.