Group Volunteer Expirences

We love to have groups come in and help us in serve our guests.  This is a great bonding opportunity for your group while being able to give back to the Seattle area.

Groups of all backgrounds are welcome here at the Bread of Life.  Come on down and volunteer with your church group, company co-workers, roller derby league or scout troop.

For groups we ask for a six-month commitment.  We will reserve a standing volunteer slot just for your group once a month(ie the third Tuesday of each month).  Also we suggest that groups who volunteer at the Mission also do a clothing/blanket drive sometime in the six-month span.  We do have a smaller kitchen so we ask that groups do not have more than 10 people; the ideal group size is 4 - 6 people coming each month.  If you have a larger group than this, feel free to inquire about the possibility of getting two dates during the month. 

If you want more information about group volunteer experiences, go ahead and register to volunteer or contact us with your questions.