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Thank you for wanting to step up and DO SOMETHING!

We have several different opportunities available that we have listed below, however, if these do not fit your area of interest please feel free to contact our leadership team and we can assist you in getting involved in different areas that help grow and build your gifts.

We look forward to working with you.

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Church Without Walls Ministry

Church Without Walls (CWW) Ministry is representative of our SAVE ministry. This is our ministry's church service to our homeless neighbors. In this holy filled setting our purpose is to save souls in a connect church body environment. Women, men, and children have been saved and our goal is to continue to grow and develop the church and provide church without walls services throughout our city, state, county and nation.

Worship Leaders
If you love to sing and dance, or you have a unique way of worship we want to hear from you.

Alter Call Team
For those who receive the Lord we would like you to pray with them and hold a prayer session in a section of the park.

Share the word in a group setting to save, equip and send out soul winners.

To get involved, contact our Outreach Director, Joan Smith.

Bread of Life Outreach Ministry


Bread of Life (BOL) Ministry is the second phase of our ministry. It's about bringing people together, building strong leaders, and equipping them to influence life with the gospel of hope through various outreaches.

BOL is a remarkable way of being directly involved with the homeless community all over San Diego. We remove any barriers that may separate us from our "neighbors", as they too are part of humanity, and even larger, being part of the body of Christ along with the rest of our Christian churches and other believers.

Our volunteers donate food, drinks (mainly water), seasonal clothing, hygienic products, and whatever else God puts in their hearts to distribute. Before we hit the streets of a designated area, we fellowship with others, go over a Bible verse of the evening, then pray.

When we reach our destinations we go out and bless our neighbors with everything the Lord blessed us with for the night, continually making new friends and reaching out to new locations, also, of course, sharing the Gospel to all and teaching them about Jesus. We encourage everyone to use their God-given talents and their supernatural blessings to reach our neighbors on a more personal level, in which we create long lasting friendships throughout our homeless communities and within our precious ministry.

Another incentive in joining this ministry would be the "special" adventures we occasionally embark on that help blend everyone in this outreach and build moral. These consist of planned fieldtrips like fishing, BBQs, bonfires, and lots MORE, in which we ask our neighbors to participate as well.

Prayer, love and a heart to serve are all that is required.

Initially, it all comes down to being obedient servants by serving the Lord our God for His glory because "If any man desires to be first, the same shall be last of all, and servant of all."-Mark 9:35

What we do for the least of us, we do unto the Lord. Believe me, you will come out of this experience even more blessed than before, and I warn you that it can be addicting.

Appreciate each wonderful day, God Bless! ~Danny Deddeh

Outreach Volunteer
This is a volunteer role open on: Tuesdays at 7 pm, Wednesdays at 6 pm, Thursdays at 7 pm.

To get involved contact Danny Deddeh.

Volunteer Opportunities


Send ministry is the last phase in our vision. The goal of Send ministry is to send out soul winners for Christ through various missionary ministries.

Our first outreach project in Send ministries is the PETRA transitional home.We are currently in the development stages of starting a PETRA transitional home. PETRA will be 80% of our Send ministries. The purpose of the PETRA House is to send the homeless back into society through Christ and Christianity.

Administration Team:

Do you love to work from home? This is a area that would be best for you. You can help with phone calls, excel documents, data entry, calender events, and assist ministry leaders in various home projects. This area allows you to be creative and is a huge contribution to the team being effective.

  • Legal Advisors
  • Medical Advisors - for the homeless at our Church Without Walls outreach
  • Donations Coordinator - Coordinate and pick up donations with the Share ministry
  • Small Project Managers - to lead fundraisers and ministry events - Become apart of a mission to raise financial resources to better serve the homeless population. WE hold 2 annual fundraisers. To get involved or share your knowledge please contact us.
  • Photographers - (To take pictures of our outreaches)
  • Videographers - (To do interviews and testimonies of the homeless and videos of our outreaches
  • Resource and referral leaders - (assisting homeless into rehabs, centers, shelters)
  • Event planners - Are you good at organizing. We would love to have you plan and organize events that help us grow the ministry and reach out to more homeless people.
  • Donation solicitors - (Starbuck's, Panera Bread...etc.) and donation coordinators - We are open to receiving donations from different vendors. These can be monetary donations or financial donations. If you love talking to people and would like to represent the cause and mission of helping our homeless population you might be a fit for this role. All it really takes is passion, and wanting to see change, and connecting people to a mission that is bigger than us.
  • Storage coordinators - Coordinating donations and supplies from Rock Church members.
  • Accounting Assistant

For EVERY day/night of this ministry, we need clothes, socks, shoes, jackets, sleeping bags, blankets, food (non-perishable, pre-packaged is best), water, any other necessary items such as toiletries and hygienic supplies, or monetary donations for the purchase of these things. Any services (such as dental, medical, transportation, occupational) is also a great need for the homeless.

If you feel that God has called you to lead and/or serve in this ministry, and you would like to learn how the Homeless Ministry can best use your spiritual gifts, please contact Estreanda Fulford at

Mathew 25:35-36 "For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me."

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