Broken trust and anger will close a heart until God helps find honesty and love for the healing to begin.

Derek had a great childhood in Arizona. Following his parent’s divorce, his father got full custody of him and his older sister and moving to Scottsdale was a new beginning for the three of them. Derek became independent at a young age, because his dad worked long hours so Derek learned to do his own laundry and cooked his meals. He was a good student and spent any free time he had doing his favorite sports. In high school he played football (wide receiver), played baseball (pitcher), and ran track.


When Derek enrolled in college, he continued to do sports and ran on the track team at Whitworth. Life was great, school was going well and he even reconnected with his mother in his senior year. However, it was also in his senior year that Derek was introduced to alcohol. And he found that he liked the numbing effect alcohol had on his growing depression and stress. “Because my father instilled a good work ethic, it was not an option to fall off the bandwagon,” says Derek.

“My father was strict but fair, and I had a good relationship that got complicated as I became an adult. By the time I was in my early twenties we no longer saw eye to eye. And to this day, we have not found a way to resolve our differences. I was an alcoholic. My dad knew. He tried to help me, by giving me a job, by giving me an opportunity to recover (I was sober for two years), and then I messed up some more. I was hired and fired from the same job three times by my father. That third time was the most painful. It was humbling, deep and final. It was my father’s way of telling me “enough is enough,” Derek.”

Five months ago he finally reached his lowest point after losing his recent job because he was drinking. Derek had nowhere to live, and was sleeping in his car. “It was a very sobering realization that my own choices had brought me here. Time to make amends, time for atonement with God, my family and with myself. I reached out to my mother for help, and together we chose Bread of Life.”

Derek discovered that his recovery was so much more than physical - it became a deeply spiritual journey. “My favorite is the ministry of Bread of Life. I like helping people. I like the Genesis Classes. Forgiveness is big. Cancelling personal debts. And I am finally managing my stress and anxiety with God by my side. I am blessed to be here.”