“te quiero”

Imagine a beautiful young family…full of life and purpose. Four adoring children, a loving mother and father and a home built on respect and values. That is the life Jose knew as a young boy in the country of El Salvador. 

However, all that came crashing down one day when Jose’s father passed away. Jose would never know what it felt like to be held in a father’s embrace or hear his father say, “te quiero” (I love you). Jose was only a little boy when life started to feel like it was falling apart. 

With 3 older siblings, Jose was searching for someone to look up to. Sadly, he started following his brother who had already developed a habit of smoking weed. By 14, Jose was using the drug too. Smoking felt good, made him happy and was the “teenager” thing to do.

After High school Jose moved to the U.S. and got a job in the restaurant industry. With one drug already under his belt, Jose decided to start experimenting with cocaine. Soon he became addicted and one day he sold drugs to an undercover cop and was sent to jail. 

While serving his time, Jose was introduced to the Bible. He had grown up in a Catholic home but it was in jail that he learned more about God. Even so, when recounting that season of his life, Jose quotes Matthew 13:5, that describes the seed falling on rocky soil. What he learned about God didn’t take root…it would be some time before his foundation in Christ became sturdy.

Jose eventually got out of jail and went to a recovery program. While there he accepted Christ as his savior and even graduated. He went on to get married and was living quite happily with his new family. After sometime though, Jose found out some painful details about his wife’s past that made it difficult for him to trust her. They ended up getting a divorce and Jose moved on to the next chapter in his life. 
A year and a half after his divorce, Jose got romantically involved with a recovering heroin addict. Despite his efforts to stay clean, he eventually succumbed to the powerful gravity of the drug. Life became a whirlwind of buying, selling, and using and Jose couldn’t break the cycle. 

After another recovery program, God convicted Jose about his addiction and he was able to break free for some time. However, he had become addicted to pain medication from a knee injury and didn’t even realize it. Addiction was squeezing the life out of Jose and stealing the plans and purposes out from under him. In Jose’s words, his addiction to drugs was, “evil and a spiritual battle.”

Jose’s breaking point came last Thanksgiving when he wound up eating Top Ramen and pumpkin pie out of a can. He had spent all his money on drugs and couldn’t pay rent or barely buy food. A good friend of his told him it was time to surrender all to God and to let Him do the miracle and transformation instead of trying to overcome the addictions on his own. 

After that powerful conversation with his buddy, Jose decided to call Bread of Life Mission. He had heard about us years ago when his church would pick up food donations here. Jose decided to join our Life Change Recovery Program and since then he has been DRUG FREE!

Not only that, he started attending Bible studies that are a part of the program and that is when God spoke to him about the purposes and plans He had for Jose’s life. “I felt like God was picking me up and I felt his arms around me.” Jose had a past full of mistakes and failures but what he has learned here at the Bread of Life has wiped all that away.