September 1, 2016

Week 6 – after a few bumpy weeks adjusting to the daily responsibilities at Bread of Life -- such as following directions, mopping floors, doing dishes and serving meals Harrison is finally in his element. He is settled at Bread of Life as one of our Resident Volunteers and is also working as an entrepreneur.

Harrison has found employment as a seller of the weekly paper, Real Change. After completing his daily chores at The Mission, Harrison takes his place on a busy street corner for a few hours in Pioneer Square. During his first week he sold 10 newspapers! This week has been a little slower, but Harrison is optimistic, and believes that his best days are ahead of him!

Congratulations, Harrison. We are all very proud of you!

If you see Harrison in Pioneer Square - please say "hello."




This is where Harrison's story began....

July 15th, 2016

Week 2 - Good Morning…. a can of Sprite and a chocolate chip cookie because Harrison does not like “cardboard” cereal.

“Life sucks, I messed up.” “Badly.” “Let my family down.” Harrison says quietly.

22-year old Harrison arrived at Bread of Life as a Resident Volunteer thanks to his mother – as an adult he needed to learn about responsibility and finding a path. Harrison is originally from Chicago, and has lived in Seattle for 8 years. He has attended many different high schools, however, without graduating. “I hate school,” he says.

When Harrison was three years old, the doctors discovered a brain tumor during a routine treatment for an eye infection. Following his surgery, he lost his depth perception, peripheral vision, and can only identify a limited range of colors.

“Isn’t it weird, that I love art and colors,” he says, while filling the lines of a candy cane lollipop drawing with bright colors.

Here we have a young man, completely out of his element, surrounded by grown men who have decades of harsh street life experience. And yet they have taken him under their wing.

On the bright side, this is Harrison’s opportunity to learn in the school of life. He only needs to take ownership of his destiny.

Rest assured that Harrison is safe at the Bread of Life Mission!